Siemens signs deal with Al Khayarin

Siemens has signed an agreement with Al Khayarin Switchgear Factory, a subsidiary of Al Khayarin Group of Companies, to manufacture MV/low-voltage power distribution and motor control centers right from sheet metal to the finished product of Sivacon S8 boards. The agreement was formally signed on October 4th 2012 at KG Headquarters by Mohammed Idrees Anwar, CEO/Managing Partner of Al Khayarin Group of Companies and Bernhard Fonseka, CEO of Siemens, Shree Kumar, General Manager of Al Khayarin Switchgear Factory and Alia Al Rifai, CEO of Siemens and other senior officials of both companies, were also present. With this agreement Qatar’s Al Khayarin Switchgear Factory –an ISO 9001:2008 certified company– will become the first entity in Qatar to have comprehensive manufacturing facility, right from sheet metal to the finished product of Sivacon S8 boards. These boards are being used to distribute and manage power supply to residential and commercial buildings, airports, as well as oil and gas, water, chemicals, and industry-metals sectors. The agreement gives impetus and authorisation to Al Khayarin Switchgear Factory to locally manufacture Sivacon S8 power boards thus boosting manufacturing and industrial activity in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The Sivacon S8 has set new standards for both Power Distribution and Intelligent Motor Control Centers used in industrial applications and infrastructure. Sivacon S8 is ideal for simple and consistent distribution of power, offering maximum personal and system safety to the latest International Standards of IEC. Bernhard Fonseka, CEO of Siemens Qatar, said that “building up local resources and competencies is essential when pursuing the creation of a more sustainable economy, which is what Qatar is in the process of doing as part of its National Vision 2030. To have a local manufacturer for the Sivacon switchgear assembly is a significant step towards the ongoing transformation of the country”. Speaking on the occasion, Mohammad Idrees Anwar, CEO of Al Khayarin Group, said that “the low-voltage boards offer great flexibility and efficiency in power distribution, whether it is to homes, commercial buildings, or industrial plants. We are excited and proud to be the first and only manufacturer of Sivacon S8 in Qatar”. Idrees also added that “manufacture of each SIVACON at KG Switchgear Factory would follow exclusive standardised modules of high quality as per Siemens design specifications and the exclusive use of high quality switchgear ensures a long service endurance and reliable operation”.